Friday, January 30, 2004

<--- Haha! Got these links sorted out at last. It just goes to show the importance of reading the help files.... duh.
I had a trip to London and back last night, to meet some people about a Younger Councillors Forum. It was supposed to be a cross party initiative but the only people who turned up were Lib Dems! Just goes to show how caring and sharing we all are.
We're trying to work out ways to help and encourage younger councillors (the definition of which is anyone under 36, incidentally). It will be a really valuable resource when it gets up and running, providing training and advice and ways of younger councillors to get together, both online and in person.
Top marks to Islington Councillor, PPC and general human dynamo Laura Willoughby for being the brains behind it.
But today is not a good day: I got home in the wee hours of the morning so I am absolutely knackered, I woke up with an evil head cold and my work day is shaping up to be another frustrating one.
Thank goodness I'm on a promise for a nice spicy curry tonight:-)

Thursday, January 29, 2004

I'm just blown away by the Hutton fall out. Blair has emerged as the Teflon Prime Minister and the BBC has been completely discredited to the point that its Director General has resigned!
I'm very upest about the BBC's fall from grace. The BBC is a proper British institution! If I ever see a news flash on, for example, Channel 4, I won't believe it's true untill I see it on the BBC. So I have a lot of loyalty for Auntie and hope that all will be well very soon.
Our Beloved Leader and His Government came out of all this almost too clean. I'm not a paranoid nutter or a conspiracy theorist but I think there must be some muck to spread around. If the Government had come out of this with even a little criticism, I might have been more inclined to take the findings at face value.
They did well in their choice of referee.
In true British style The Weather is the hot topic of conversation at vending machines across the land. For those who've actually managed to get into work of course.
Down here in Worthing we don't really get Weather. Protected by the South Downs to the north, anything blowing down from Greenland or Nova Scotia or wherever, stops at the hills and doesn't get to us. So we have a glorious sunny day, no ice, no snow, no nothing. Well a tiny bit of ice maybe. I'm not sure if I'm glad about it or not. I feel a bit left out, to tell the truth, but glad that travelling is pretty straightforward.
As an introduction to the Blogging world, I think yesterday was pretty nice. Manic at Bloggerheads was really helpful with some advice about getting started, and then a lovely man called Bloggy gave me some words of encouragement too. His site is at www.blogman.co.uk and is a good mixture of political comment and general stuff. So, with friendly people like that around, I think I'm going to like being a blogger:-)
I'm having trouble getting these links at the left here working (404 when I click 'Edit Me!'), so if anyone has any advice please leave a comment.
Last night was technically a night off from the endless round of meetings etc. However I have a small matter of some MP applications forms to fill out. It was all going OK until I came to the section where I had to fill in hobbies and interestes. HOBBIES??? I haven't had time to even watch a video for about a year, let alone develop hobbies.
Between official Council meetings, community fora, advisory groups, sub-committees, local Liberal meetings, leaflet delivering, canvassing etc, etc, ad nauseum... I barely have time to feed myself! This is NOT a complaint, I hasten to add. I love doing what I do, and have actively made myself as involved as I possibly can be, because I enjoy it. It's just that being a Lib Dem and a Councillor IS my hobby, and I wouldn't have it any other way at all. And it's far more interesting than stamp collecting.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Hooray, I managed to add a comments button. The nice people at Haloscan made this more easy than I could ever imagine.
Now I don't have to guess that nobody is reading this, I know for sure!
At lunch I bought some thank you notes for the five people who have sponsored me to become a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC).
Lib Dems who want to apply to be a PPC need five sponsors from within the party, who can be Councillors, or fellow members who hold other types of office. I have to say, the stipulation on the PPC form of who can sponsor you or not is, quite frankly, gibberish. But I guessed some likely victims, smiled at them a lot and, amazingly, they agreed to sponsor me. Whether they are the right combination of people or not, we shall wait to see.
The process of finding five people that think you'd be a good person to help run the country - and are prepared to declare that publicly - is a daunting task, and having to approach them about sponsoring me was nerve racking. These five are my friends, colleagues, and fellow campaigners. What if they didn't want to sponsor me but felt pressured to say that they would? How embarrassed would I feel if any of them said no outright?
But, the story so far has a happy outcome, as I received the last of my sponsorship forms this morning.
It's only polite to say ta, don't you think.
'My Brain on the Web'... how terrifying.
Welcome to my Blog. I hope you will be able to expect:
General politics comments
Life in Worthing
My quest to become a parliamentary candidate.

I am a Liberal Democrat Councillor on Worthing Borough Council - at 25 (24 when I was elected) I am the youngest female ever to serve the Borough.
When I realised I enjoyed my evening Council duties more than my nine - to - five work (I am a trade magazine editor), I decided to seek to further my career in politics.
Inspired by Sarah Teather in Brent, I saw no reason why I shouldn't try to become an MP. It feels like a natural progression. I was only elected onto the council in May 2003 so I realise I am very new to all this, but everyone has to start somewhere - right?
After a visit to www.bloggerheads.com, where Manic urges politicians to create blogs, I have begun my own blog.
I will try and update regularly, I promise. But since when was a politician's promise worth a dime? :-)

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